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Bone & Joint Replacement Surgery

Director & Unit Head - Orthopaedics / Bone & Joint Surgery

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Dr. Jayant Arora, a seasoned Orthopedic Surgeon, brings a wealth of expertise to the field. With an MBBS and DNB in Orthopedics, he further honed his skills through a Fellowship in Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy in the UK, along with a CCBST from the Royal College of Surgeons. After

establishing a cutting-edge Orthopedic Department at Columbia Asia Hospital upon his return to India in 2008, he serves as the Co-ordinator and Senior Consultant at the Department of Orthopedics in Columbia Asia Hospital, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. Proficient in a spectrum of procedures, including Joint Replacements and Arthroscopy, he has held pivotal positions such as Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala. Currently, Dr. Arora holds the esteemed role of Director and Unit Head in Joint Replacement and Orthopaedics at Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon.

ACL Reconstruction : A surgical procedure aimed at repairing a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee, often involving replacement with a graft to restore stability and function.

Arthroscopy : A minimally invasive surgical technique using a tiny camera (arthroscope) inserted into a joint to visualize, diagnose, and treat various joint-related issues.

Hip Replacement : A surgical intervention involving the removal of a damaged hip joint and replacement with an artificial joint to alleviate pain and enhance mobility.

Knee Osteotomy : A procedure to realign the bones in the knee, often used to relieve pain and delay the need for knee replacement surgery by redistributing weight-bearing forces.

Knee Replacement : Surgical replacement of a damaged knee joint with a prosthetic implant, commonly performed to alleviate pain and improve function in patients with severe knee arthritis.

Joint Replacement Surgery : Surgical procedures that involve replacing damaged or diseased joints, such as knees, hips, or shoulders, with artificial implants to restore movement and alleviate pain.

Physiotherapy for Sports Injury Rehabilitation : Customized exercise and rehabilitation programs designed to aid athletes and individuals in recovering from sports-related injuries, restoring strength, flexibility, and function.

Arthritis Management : Comprehensive approaches to treating arthritis, including medical, lifestyle, and therapeutic interventions to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and improve joint function.

Fracture Treatment : Medical care and interventions, ranging from casting to surgical fixation, aimed at realigning and stabilizing broken bones to ensure proper healing and function.

Area of Expertise
  • Bone & Joint Replacement Surgery
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  • Dr. Jayant Arora is an accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon and Director at Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon.
  • His illustrious journey includes prestigious roles in the UK, where he obtained MRCS-Ed and specialized in Knee and Hip replacement surgery, as well as Arthroscopy through Leeds Orthopedic Rotation.
  • A Clinical Research Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery from Newcastle further showcased his expertise, as evidenced by his publications in international orthopedic journals.
  • Notably, he trained at Woodend Hospital in Scotland for primary and revision Joint replacement surgery. Arora's commitment to advancement is highlighted by his completion of various training courses, enhancing his proficiency in procedures like Hip Resurfacing and Arthroplasty.

Awards & Certificates

  • Osteolysis in Proximally Cemented Primary Freeman Samuelson Total Knee Replacement. Arora J, AC Ogden. Joint Bone Joint Surgeries - 2005
  • The role of Preoperative Templating in Primary Total Knee Replacement. Arora J, Sharma S, Blyth M. Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology Arthroscopy - 2005
  • External fixation in intra-articular fractures of distal radius: is it sufficient? Arora J, Malik AC. Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery - 2005
  • Transulnar Styloid Volar Scapholunate Dislocation with Median Nerve Injury Arora J. Archives Of Orthopaedic And Trauma Surgery - 2005
  • Recurrent Osteoid Osteoma of Lunate: A Case Report And Review Of The Literature. Arora J, McLauchlan J, Munro N. Hand Surgery - 2003

Education of DR. JAYANT ARORA

National Board of Examinations

New Delhi


University of Delhi


Frequently Asked Questions

Patients frequently visit Dr. Jayant Arora for ACL Reconstruction, Arthroscopy, Hip Replacement.

Dr. Jayant Arora has the following qualifications - MD - Orthopedics, MBBS, DNB - Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Jayant Arora specialises as Joint Replacement Surgeon, Orthopedic surgeon, Sport Injury Specialist.

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