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Air ambulance services cover the use of air transportation that is used to move sick or injured people over long distances. Air ambulances are equipped with the same medical equipment just like ground ambulances, which are vital to monitor or treat ill patients. These ambulances are equipped with ve...

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Accommodation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the medical travel. Patients book a night or two in a hotel before treatment and return for rest before his or her departure to home. Location and Surroundings - Ortil offer hotels that are close to the hospitals so that in case...

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Medical travel insurance includes cover for medical expenses, delayed flights, lost baggage, and so on. Medical travel insurance saves you time and money. These services provide you with peace of mind if you face any health problem while travelling. No one wants to be injured or sick but if this hap...

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Before the patient arrives for the medical treatment it is very essential to handle all the formalities carefully. Ortil healthcare offers a wide range of pre-travel services, to minimize the difficulties that one may face during a medical trip. This helps in saving the time and cost of the patie...

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Once the patient arrives at his/her destination, one has to deal with several things before the medical treatment starts. That's why we are entirely dedicated to provide effective post-arrival assistance to our medical tourists. Some of the post-arrival services include: 01. Receiving the pat...

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Departure Services usually include the airport drop off and all the formalities related to the bills and payments. Our team members will be in touch with you throughout the treatment. Even after the treatment is completed, they will assist you in paying all the bills and get the best possible discou...

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