Who we are

About Ortil Health Care

Ortil Healthcare medical tourism company helps you to access the best and most affordable options for medical treatments across the globe. Backed by useful informational resources, it helps you to evaluate these global options. Find the right healthcare options for yourself and your family in the country of your choice.


Create and Inspire a healthier community by providing access to the quality healthcare solutions in one click to anyone, anywhere.


To be the world’s best socially conscious healthcare solution provider to bring better health and wellbeing for now and generations to come.

Core Values

Integrity: We believe in being consistently honest, ethical and genuine. Every action we make is fostered by strong moral principles.

Trust: Our values reflect in those who needs top-notch treatment and our focus on developing such platforms possible has brought us success.

Quality: We meet our customers changing needs with innovative technology and surpassed services. We have a relentless focus to optimize best value to our customers without compromising the Quality.

Commitment: Our borderless culture enables us to deliver our best in all we do. We create and build for our customer experience, to make a positive difference in their lives.

Team work: We challenge the status quo with open minds and create an environment where employees can think big, encourage healthy debate, and discussions to make our company succeed.

Sustainable: We care about our communities and the environment. Our Development process utilizes different solutions that comply with sustainable business strategy and enables us to stay ahead of the environmental curve.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

We contribute in giving the society a better tomorrow by ceaselessly providing basic necessities, healthcare services, education, and other purposeful practices. Our association with non-profit organizations inspires us to go further our philanthropic endeavours and fulfill our societal and ethical responsibilities.

How is Ortil Healthcare different?

Whether it is something as major as hip replacement or a simple cosmetic procedure, we will guide you to the right direction where you‘ll find the best healthcare solutions. And not just that, we will also help to plan your medical journey , choosing hospitals & the healthcare team, medical visa requirements, accommodation and follow-up treatments. Ortil Healthcare makes your healthcare journey so easy.

Our core team is made up of seasoned professionals from the healthcare industry who will guide you every step of the way. They are the reason that guarantees you the best healthcare options at the best prices.