Why Medical Tourism?

The medical tourism industry has been booming considerably for the last few years.

The idea of medical tourism involves travelling to another country to get medical treatment. The reason is always to get better treatment at relatively affordable prices. Some people travel because a certain treatment is not available in their country, while others travel because it is way too expensive in their country. Another category of patients just travels internationally to seek lavish experiences and enjoy the scenic beauty in another country.

Let us list down the common reasons why people across the globe prefer to travel internationally to get healthcare services:

To seek affordable prices

Countries like the US offer medical services at much higher costs as compared to other nations like India, Thailand etc. These countries provide high-quality treatment at much more affordable prices. Medical tourism companies like Ortil Healthcare offer complete treatment packages which may include services like assistance in visa application, flight bookings, hotel bookings and getting you the best hospital for your treatment.

To get additional services

It is not just the price; the countries open for medical tourism services go out of their way to provide additional services. Due to the availability of an ample number of registered and qualified doctors and nurses, one can expect to get attended most of the time by a nurse or a doctor. Apart from this, you get several benefits if you happen to stay in the hospital, you might get luxurious facilities such as a large bedroom, with a living room with a tv, wifi and a diverse variety in food.

To seek quality treatment

Countries offering medical tourism packages have several hospitals that are well-equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technology to do major surgeries. For example, doctors in India use robotic technology to do complex procedures that lead to quicker healing time and better precision. Additionally, the doctors have done international fellowships and the hospitals are accredited with international boards.

Availability of a certain treatment

Certain complex treatments is sometimes not available in developing countries. Hence, it becomes essential to travel across the borders to get quality treatment.

To relish the tourism aspect

If you are not going for a major surgery that needs rest, you can also enjoy the famous tourist spots in the country and seek the pleasure of being close to nature.

Some of the most common countries known for medical tourism are India, Singapore, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more. If you are planning to travel to another country, feel free to contact Ortil Healthcare. We have a vast team who are happy to assist in everything related to choosing the best hospital, booking flights, visa applications etc. For further information, contact Ortil Healthcare.