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Head, Adult Cardiac surgery & Director, Heart & Lung Transplant service

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Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia is a well-known Cardiothoracic Surgeon in India. He has over 28 years of expertise and has conducted over 5000 cardiovascular surgeries. Dr. Kapadia earned his MBBS and MS from the prestigious MGM Medical College

Indore. He then completed his MCh in Cardiovascular Surgery at the reputed Christian Medical College in Vellore. He received his training in Coronary Bypass Surgery, Heart Transplant, Valve Surgery, Heart Transplant, Adult Cardiac Surgery, and Heart Transplant in France. He finished his training in Adult Cardiac Surgery and Heart Transplantation in the United States. In India, Dr. Kapadia pioneered a variety of novel treatments, including hybrid cardiac operations and enhanced antiviral precautions for heart and lung transplant recipients. In addition, he has completed around 12000 CABG surgeries as well as 5900 more open-heart procedures, 600 minimally invasive cardiac therapies, 190 heart and lung transplants, and 150 ECMO and VAD implantations.


Work Experience: 

28 Years of Experience

Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia has over 28 years of expertise in cardiac surgery, having performed over 12000 CABG and 6000+ other open heart surgeries, 500+ surgical minimally invasive cardiac procedures, 200+ heart and pulmonary transplants, and 160+ ECMO and cardiovascular disease implants. His previous affiliations include the University Hospital of Caen in France as Director of the Heart Transplantation Programme, the BM Birla Heart Research Centre in Kolkata, and the Indo-American Heart Centre in Indore and Kolkata.  He is a permanent surgeon at Dr. L.H. Hirandani Hospital in Powai, Chennai, Head of the Department at Fortis, Chennai, and Senior Consultant and Head Department of Cardiac Surgery in both Adult and Paediatric Units at Global Healthcity and Hospital Chennai, where he came and joined as Director of Heart and Lung Transplantation Programs and Head Adult Cardiac Surgery.


Associated with Hospitals:

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai

List of Treatments:

Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia being one of the best cardiac surgeons are offering the following treatments:

  • Cardiac OPD Procedures: Cardiac OPD operations are those that are conducted on a regular schedule and do not need a hospital admission. History taking, examination, blood tests, the electrocardiogram, event evaluation, cardiac stress testing, electrophysiological study, and other procedures are conducted in the cardiac OPD.


  • ECG-Treadmill Test TMT: A cardiac stress test or treadmill test is a cardiology test that assesses the heart's capacity to react to external stress in the context of clinical practice. This is the most basic and easy evaluation of functional response of heart to physical strain. It involves the regular monitoring of blood pressure and cardiac rates of the patient by using an exercise protocols or treadmill or a bicycle. 


  • 24 Hour Holter Monitoring: Holter monitoring is a technique used to assess how the heart reacts to regular activities. The monitor can also be utilised following a heart attack. To identify cardiac rhythm issues that may be producing symptoms like irregular heartbeats or hypotension.


  • Ambulatory BP Monitoring (ABPM): Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is a way of continually monitoring your blood pressure for 24 hours. Even when you sleep, your blood pressure is monitored. The continuous data allows your doctor to receive a more precise view of your blood pressure statistics.


  • Heart Transplant: A heart transplant is a procedure that replaces a failing heart with a healthy donor heart. Heart transplantation is often reserved for patients whose health has not improved sufficiently with medicines or other surgical procedures. While a heart transplant is a significant surgery, with proper follow-up treatment, your chances of survival are strong.


  • Minimal invasive cardiac surgery: It is a surgical procedure in which instead than cutting through the breastbone as in open-heart surgery, minimally invasive cardiac surgery entails making tiny incisions on the right side of the chest to reach the heart between the ribs. A number of cardiac problems can be treated using minimally invasive heart surgery.


  • ECMO: Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a sort of mechanical life support that can assist a person whose lungs and heart aren't working properly. ECMO constantly removes blood from your body and routes it through devices that provide oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide.


  • VAD: A ventricular assist device (VAD) is a device that assists in the pumping of blood from the heart's lower chambers to the rest of the body. It is used to treat a weak heart or heart failure. A VAD may be used to assist the heart while alternative therapies, such as a heart transplant, are being considered. 



Dr. Kapadia has presented over 100 papers in different national and international conferences such as:

  • Annual Conference of world society of Cardiothoracic Surgeona (Canada, 2006)

  • International Conference of Asian Vascular Surgery (Malaysia, 2006)

  • Annual Conference of IACS, CTCONCOM 2010 (Delhi)


Education & Training:


  • MBBS, MGM Medical College Indore & University of Indore

  • MS, MGM Medical College Indore & University of Indore

  • MCh, Christian Medical College, Vellore & University of Madra

  • Fellowship, Coronary Bypass Surgery & Heart Traasplant , France

  • Fellowship, Adulit Cardiac Surgery and Heart Transplant ,Hahnemann University, USA




  • Cardiac surgeries, Heart and lung transplantation








  • Maharashtra Medical Council, 2015 

Specialty Interests:


  • Invasive & Cosmetic Surgery

  • CABG

  • Congenital Heart Defects

  • Mitral, Aortic, Tricuspid Valve Repair

  • Replacement Aortic Root Enlargement

Area of Expertise
  • Cardiac Surgeon
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MGM Medical College Indore & University of Indore

Madhya Pradesh


MGM Medical College Indore & University of Indore

Madhya Pradesh


Christian Medical College


Fellowship, Coronary Bypass Surgery & Heart Transplant