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About Doctor DR I.P.S OBEROI

Dr. IPS Oberoi is a renowned Orthopedic surgeon in India, celebrated for his expertise in knee replacement, hip replacement, and arthroscopic surgeries. With an MBBS, MS, and MCh qualifications, he stands as a distinguished practitioner specializing in joint replacements and arthroscopic

procedures. Having successfully performed over 7200 joint replacements with an impressive 97% success rate, he also stands among the select few capable of conducting arthroscopic surgery for hip labral tears. Dr. Oberoi's proficiency extends to Arthroscopic Surgery for Sports Injuries, ACL/PCL procedures, and Meniscus Repair. His unparalleled skills encompass Orthopedic Surgery, Joint Replacement, and Arthroscopy, solidifying his status as a leading figure in the field.

Acetabular Fixation : Surgical procedure involving the stabilization and attachment of the acetabulum (hip socket) during hip replacement surgery to ensure proper positioning and longevity of the artificial hip joint.

Acromioclavicular Joint Repair : Surgical intervention to treat injuries or instability of the acromioclavicular joint, often involving ligament repair or reconstruction to restore stability and function in the shoulder.

Arthrolysis : Surgical procedure aimed at breaking down scar tissue or adhesions within a joint, often performed to improve joint mobility and alleviate pain.

Arthroplasty : Surgical reconstruction or replacement of a joint, such as the hip or knee, with an artificial implant to restore joint function and reduce pain.

Arthroscopic Surgery : Minimally invasive surgical technique utilizing a camera and small incisions to visualize and treat joint issues, often resulting in faster recovery and less tissue damage.

Arthrotomy : Surgical procedure involving the opening of a joint for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, allowing direct access to the joint space.

Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery : Simultaneous replacement of both hip joints with artificial implants, often done to address severe hip arthritis and enhance mobility in both hips.

BMHR (Birmingham Mid-Head Resection) : A type of hip resurfacing surgery involving the removal of only the damaged portion of the femoral head, preserving more bone compared to traditional hip replacement.

Both Hip Replacement Together : Simultaneous replacement of both hip joints in a single surgical procedure, enabling patients with bilateral hip issues to undergo comprehensive treatment.

Carcinoma of Unknown Primary (CUP) Treatment : Multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and managing cancers that have spread to other parts of the body but the primary site of origin is unknown, involving various diagnostic tests and tailored treatment strategies.

Area of Expertise
  • General Orthopedic Surgeon
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Dr. IPS Oberoi's exceptional expertise lies in Primary and Revision Joint replacement surgeries, spanning Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Elbow, and Ankle joints. An innovator in minimally invasive reconstructive surgery, he pioneered Keyhole (Arthroscopy) procedures for Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, and Ankle conditions. His mastery extends to intricate multi-Ligament and complex Knee injury management. Noteworthy as a prolific researcher, he's contributed to textbooks, journals, and Arthroscopy education. Dr. Oberoi's impact resonates globally, as a visiting surgeon in Yemen's medical institutions and invitations to schools and hospitals in Iraq, Iran, Oman, and Syria. He's a respected lecturer at international and national medical gatherings.

Awards & Certificates

  • President of Indian Arthroscopy Society and a pioneer in Shoulder, Knee and Ankle Arthroscopy

Education of DR I.P.S OBEROI

Pt. B.D. Sharma P.G.I.M.S

Rohtak, India

MS (Orth.)

All India Institute of Medical Sciences


MCh Orth


Liverpool, U.K

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients frequently visit Dr IPS Oberoi for Acetabular Fixation, Acromioclavicular Joint Repair, Arthrolysis and Arthroplasty.   

Dr IPS Oberoi has the following qualifications - MBBS, MS, MCh.

Dr IPS Oberoi specialises as Orthopedic surgeon.

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