Overview of Arthritis Treatment India

Arthritis is a condition which affects the joints and produces swelling. It can severely affect the movement of affected joints and cause stiffness and pain. Arthritis is mostly present in old age people and the condition becomes worse as the age increases. There are different types of arthritis and each type affects the lining of joints between two bones. Arthritis can affect the life of a patient by decreasing the quality of activities of daily living. The patients diagnosed with arthritis have severe pain and stiffness and for this reason, they are unable to perform tasks that increase the intensity of pain. It also produces fear in patients which affects the mental health of the patient. The cause of arthritis can be a trauma or infection or it can also occur due to some disease that affects the joints. Many risk factors increase the chances of arthritis. Treatment is given according to the type of arthritis and the severity of the condition. It may involve different medications and preventive techniques. Rehabilitation is also an important part of the treatment for patients with arthritis. Lifestyle modifications can also help to reduce the symptoms of patients. For example, weight loss can reduce the stress on joints and decrease pain.

Types of Arthritis Treatment India

Many types of treatments are used for arthritis. It may involve:

  • Medications
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Surgery
  • Assistive devices
  • Electrotherapy


Different kinds of medications are used for pain and to slow down the progression of the disease. The medications can provide relief from pain and stiffness of joints.


Physical therapy is a set of exercise programs that are used to strengthen the muscles around affected joints and improve movement. Regular physical activity that includes light exercises like swimming and walking can also help to improve the flexibility of joints and reduce pain.

Lifestyle Changes

Maintaining a healthy weight can help to reduce stress on joints such as the knees and hip joints. Healthy eating habits also improve the symptoms of patients.


In severe cases, joint replacement surgery can replace the damaged joint with an artificial one which provides relief from pain and improved mobility. There is also a minimally invasive procedure that is used to diagnose and treat joint problems by inserting a small camera into the joint.

Assistive Devices

Some assistive devices are used to support the joint and some devices also allow the movements of joints with limited range.


In this type of treatment, some machines are applied to the area of pain which transfers electric current in very low voltage and provides relief from pain. It also improves circulation. Hot packs are also used in this treatment for temporary relief of pain and cold packs are used to reduce swelling.

Diagnosis of Arthritis Treatment India

Some of the methods for the diagnosis of arthritis are:

Medical History

The healthcare provider asks about the detailed medical history of the patients including family history, exposure to risk factors, and lifestyle. It is easy to diagnose arthritis with the detailed medical history of patients.

Blood Tests

Blood tests can detect the increased level of specific substances in blood which are often present in various types of arthritis. Blood tests do not help confirm the diagnosis but they can provide information on the severity of the disease.

Imaging Tests

Some imaging tests are used to find any abnormality in the structure of the joints. These imaging techniques can help in the diagnosis of conditions like arthritis. Some of these imaging tests may include CT scan, MRI scan, and Ultrasound.

Joint Aspiration

In some cases, joint aspiration procedures are used. In this test, a small sample of fluid from the affected joint is taken with the help of a needle. The fluid can be analyzed for signs of infection or swelling.


In certain cases, a tissue biopsy may be necessary. This involves removing a small piece of tissue from the affected joint for examination. It is performed to rule out other medical conditions or to confirm specific types of arthritis.

Cost of Arthritis Treatment in India

The cost of Arthritis treatment in India ranges from 1000 USD to 3500 USD. The cost can vary according to the severity of the disease and the need for multiple sessions of physiotherapy. The cost can also vary according to the need for joint replacement surgery for severe cases of arthritis.

Treatment Costs in India Min in USD Max in USD
Medications 1000 USD 1500 USD
Rehabilitation 1500 USD 2000 USD
Surgery 2500 USD 3500 USD

Symptoms and Risk factors

The symptoms of arthritis are not the same for every patient. Some of these are listed below:

  • Joint Pain
  • Joint Swelling
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Joint Redness
  • Joint Warmth
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Morning Stiffness
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Tenderness at Joints
  • Joint Deformity
  • Numbness or Tingling
  • Joint Grinding or Crepitus
  • Reduced Grip Strength
  • Loss of Joint Function
  • Joint Instability
  • Skin Rash 
  • Eye Inflammation 
  • Fever 

Risk Factors of Arthritis

Some of the risk factors of arthritis are as follows:


Most of the patients are diagnosed with arthritis in older age. So the risk is higher in people of age more than 55 years.


The condition of arthritis is more commonly present in older females.

Family History

A positive family history of arthritis increases the risk twofold. 


Excess of body weight can put extra stress on joints which increases the symptoms of pain and other related injuries.

Joint Injuries

Previous joint injuries or trauma can also increase the risk of arthritis which is known as post-traumatic arthritis.


Some types of infections also increase the risk of arthritis. Both bacterial and viral infections can lead to arthritis.


Occupations that involve repetitive joint movements or heavy lifting may increase the risk of arthritis development.


Smoking is also a major risk factor for the development of specific types of arthritis.

Autoimmune Conditions

Some of the diseases in which the immune system mistakenly attacks and kills healthy cells are linked to the development of specific types of arthritis.

Hormonal Factors

Hormonal fluctuations in women such as those occurring during pregnancy or menopause may lead to the development of arthritis.

Joint Overuse

Repetitive stress on joints due to sports or occupation can contribute to the development of arthritis.


According to some studies, some of the dietary factors may play a role in the development of arthritis. However, the evidence is limited for such risk factors.

Treatment Costs for Arthritis

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