Overview of Breast Biopsy Treatment India

Breast biopsy is a diagnostic procedure in which a sample tissue from the breast is obtained to check the presence of cancer cells in the breast. Breast tumors are very common but mostly the tumors that form in the breast are not cancerous. Breast biopsy can be of different types. It is done through a surgical procedure in which a sample of tissue from the tumor is excised with the help of different types of advanced tools. The sample tissues are then examined by the medical professionals in the laboratory settings. A biopsy test is used to confirm the diagnosis of cancer because it is a definitive method to diagnose the disease. Biopsy tests can also be used to find other conditions which do not involve cancer. Different types of biopsies are performed that depend on the different situations of patients. The recovery after biopsy also depends on the type of procedure performed. Many risk factors are associated with the surgical procedure of breast biopsy. The skilled professionals perform the procedure with great accuracy and minimize the risk of any complication during or after the procedure. After the surgical procedure of breast biopsy, test results take one to two weeks. After this time, the test results reveal the presence of cancer cells, if present.

Types of Breast Biopsy Treatment India

Some of the types of breast biopsies are as follows:

  • Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)
  • Core Needle Biopsy (CNB)
  • Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy (VAB)
  • Stereotactic Biopsy
  • Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy
  • MRI-Guided Biopsy
  • Excisional Biopsy

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)

In this method, a skinny needle is used to obtain a sample of tissue from the lump of the breast. Fine Needle Aspiration is a quick and painless surgical procedure that is often used to determine whether a lump is filled with fluid or some solid tissue.

Core Needle Biopsy (CNB)

In core needle biopsy, a large hollow needle is used to remove tissue samples. CNB is commonly performed when a large tissue sample is needed to assess the nature of a disease in the breast such as an abnormal mass form in the breast.

Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy (VAB)

The procedure VAB is an accurate procedure to collect multiple tissue samples through a single insertion. It reduces the need for multiple needle insertion and provides recovery faster.

Stereotactic Biopsy

Stereotactic biopsies are mostly used for calcifications or small non-palpable lesions. It guides healthcare professionals during the procedure.

Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy

Ultrasound biopsy helps to guide the needle to the target tissue. This method is especially useful for lesions that are visible on ultrasound but not easily felt during a physical examination.

MRI-Guided Biopsy

MRI-guided biopsies are usually used for assessing target areas that are only visible through magnetic resonance imaging. It provides information on the size, shape, and area of the lump present in the breast.

Excisional Biopsy

In an excisional biopsy, the entire abnormal tissue or lump is removed. It usually serves as both a diagnostic and treatment procedure.

Procedure of Breast Biopsy

The general overview of the breast biopsy procedure is described below:

Anesthesia: Anesthesia is administered to patients before the procedure to prevent any discomfort or pain. The anesthesia usually numbs the area under procedure so the patient cannot feel the pain.

Imaging Guidance: Imaging guidance such as ultrasound, mammography, or MRI will be used to find the target area for biopsy. It is used when the abnormality is not easily felt.

Biopsy Device: Depending on the type of biopsy, a fine needle, vacuum-assisted device, or other specialized instrument is used to obtain tissue samples.

Tissue Sampling: The healthcare provider will make a small incision at the biopsy site and collect tissue samples.

Post-Biopsy Imaging: After obtaining the samples, imaging techniques may be performed again to ensure the accurate removal of tissue and to check for any complications.

Closure: The incision is closed with the help of one or more sutures or adhesive strips. For needle biopsies, no sutures are required and the needle site can be covered with a bandage only.

Recovery: The recovery is fast after the procedure of breast biopsy. However, some medications are used in recovery to prevent any complications after the procedure.

Cost of Breast Biopsy in India

The cost of a surgical procedure of Breast Biopsy in India ranges from 250 USD to 550 USD. The cost can vary according to the type of technique and skill of a surgeon. The cost can also vary if the breast biopsy is performed for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. 

Treatment Costs in India Min in USD Max in USD
Breast Biopsy  250 USD 550 USD

Symptoms and Risk factors

Indications of Breast Biopsies

Some of the indications of breast biopsies are as follows:

  • Breast Lump or Mass
  • Suspicious Mammogram Findings
  • Breast Pain or Discomfort with Unknown Cause
  • Abnormal Changes in Nipple
  • Breast Skin Changes
  • Persistent Bloody or Clear Nipple Discharge
  • Family History of Breast Cancer
  • Monitoring High-Risk Patients
  • Evaluation of Breast Abnormalities Detected on Imaging
  • Confirmation of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Risk Factors of Breast Biopsies

Some of the risk factors of breast biopsies are as follows:


There is a risk of bleeding at the site of needle insertion. Bleeding can also occur after the procedure.


There is also a risk of infection due to the insertion of needles. The infection can also occur late after the surgical procedure of breast biopsy.

Scar Formation

Biopsies can lead to the formation of a small scar. The scar can also form due to poor healing after the procedure.

Discomfort or Pain

Some individuals may experience mild discomfort or pain at the site of insertion of the needle. The use of some medications can control the pain.

Formation of Hematoma

Sometimes, the blood collects at the site of insertion and may complicate the recovery of a patient after a breast biopsy.

Possibility of Allergic Reactions

Some patients have allergic responses to certain medications and tools used during the procedure of biopsy. 

Nearby Structure Damage

There is a risk of damage to structures in the surrounding area such as the lungs and blood vessels of the heart. This complication usually occurs due to poor technique and skill of healthcare providers.

Treatment Costs for Breast Biopsy

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