Overview of Breast Lift Treatment India

Also referred to as mastopexy, a breast lift surgery involves changing the shape of the breast tissue to lift the breasts by removing excess skin. This is done in cases of sagging breast, large areolar region or to lift the position of nipples. A breast lift surgery does not change the breast size. However, it can be done along with breast reduction or breast enlargement if a person wishes to change the size.

Women often go for breast lift surgery to enhance their self-confidence about the way they look. If you are planning to get breast lift surgery or you have any of the breast lift conditions described below, you have landed on the right page. Feel free to contact Ortil Healthcare for further details.

Types of Breast Lift Treatment India

Pre-surgical Preparation

After having a discussion with your physician about the surgery, the doctor will likely follow the given steps:

01. Take a Detailed Medical History - Your physician will ask you several questions about your past medical conditions, treatments or medications you took or surgeries you might have undergone. It is very crucial to share all the details during the medical history. Share the reports if you had any mammogram or breast biopsy in the past.

02. Conducting a Clinical Examination - This will include analyzing the skin tone of the breast. Breasts with good tone tend to hold the breasts in a better position after the procedure.

03. Discussing your Expectations from the Procedure - You must tell your surgeon why you want to get the surgery and what do you expect when it comes to the appearance of the breasts. You must also discuss the risks and calculate the risks-benefits ratio for the breast lift surgery.

04. Having a Mammogram - You will be asked to get a mammogram before the surgery and one a few months after. This is done to compare the breast lift before and after changes in the breast tissue due to the surgery.

In addition to these steps, you will be given instructions to make certain changes in your lifestyle for a few days before the surgery. These changes are:

01. Avoid Smoking - Smoking can delay the healing by stopping the blood flow to the skin.

02. Stop taking Certain Medications - If you are on medications like aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications or herbal supplements you will need to stop taking them for a while.

03. Making arrangements Post-Surgery - you must have someone who can drive you back home after the surgery and take care of you during the recovery period.

04. Maintain Weight - You must also consider maintaining a balanced weight by making dietary changes and doing exercise before the surgery.

During the Procedure

A breast lift surgery is usually done as an outpatient procedure. It may be performed either with local or general anesthesia varying from patient to patient. An incision is made to remove the breast skin. The type of incision will determine the form of scar after the surgery. The incision can be made in the following areas:

01. Around the areolar region (darker area around the nipple)

02. From areola to the breast crease

03. Along the breast crease

The excess skin is removed, the nipples are shifted to the desired position, and the sutures are placed deep inside the breast tissue to do the reshaping. The rest of the breast skin is brought together and the incision is closed with stitches. Breast lift surgery usually takes 2-3 hours. The patients can usually go home the same day.

After the Surgery - Breast Lift Recovery

After the surgery, the medical team will cover your breasts with the dressing and a supportive bra. Additionally, small tubes will be placed near the incision sites for drainage or excess fluid or blood. You may notice any of the following symptoms for some days after the surgery:

01. Swelling and bruised skin for next two weeks after the surgery. 

02. Pain and soreness near the incision.

03. Numbness in the nipples, areola and skin of the breast for 6 weeks.

You must follow the instructions given to you by your doctor, some of which include:

01. Take all the medications as prescribed by the doctor

02. Avoid physical activities like straining, bending or lifting.

03. Prefer sleeping on your back or side to avoid putting pressure on the breasts.

04. Avoid sexual activity for at least a couple of weeks after the surgery

05. Regarding bathing or washing hair, you must take instructions from your doctor.

06. You must wear the supportive bra for 3-4 days after the surgery after which you can change to a softer one.

07. Avoid exposure to sun, especially the incision area.

Diagnosis of Breast Lift Treatment India

When is Breast Lift Surgery Required?

The breasts generally lose their firmness and elasticity with age attributing to the following conditions. Some of the common breast lift conditions are mentioned below:

01. Changes in the Body Weight - Sudden weight loss or weight gain may lead to stretching of the skin and loss in the elasticity.

02. Force of Gravity - The force of gravity also plays a role in sagging and stretching of the breast ligaments, though this happens over several years.

03. Post- Pregnancy - During pregnancy the breast ligaments are stretched because the breasts get heavy and enlarged. This stretching might lead to sagging post-pregnancy.

Symptoms and Risk factors

When is Breast Lift not Recommended?

Breast lift surgery might not be the best option in every case. Sometimes, one might want to delay the surgery due to certain conditions. These conditions are:

01. During Pregnancy - It is advised to avoid getting the surgery during pregnancy as you may not get the desired results due to constant stretching of the breast skin.

02. Breast Feeding - Even though this is not always the case, some women might find it difficult to breastfeed after the surgery.

03. Heavy Breasts - Heavy breasts are more likely to sag after the surgery as compared to the smaller breasts.

Breast Lift Results

It is common to notice immediate results after the surgery, even though the shape of the breasts continues to change for the next several months. The scars which may appear red and swollen initially, will become thin and less visible after 1-2 years. Overall, the breasts become firmer, rounder and may also appear a little bit smaller in size without any breast reduction. It is important to note that the results are not permanent. The skin loses its elasticity with age.

Breast Lift Risks

Here are some of the common complications and breast lift risks that you must be aware of:

01. Scarring - The scar may become less vision but do not disappear. In some cases, these scars may become thick and more prominent.

02. Changes in Breast Sensation - In some cases there may be loss of sensation in the breast or nipples permanently.

03. Asymmetry in Shape and Size of the Breasts - Any changes in the healing process may lead to asymmetry or irregularities in the breasts.

04. Loss of Nipples - This is a rare condition where the blood supply to the nipple or areola is hindered causing damage to the nipple or areola area.

05. Difficulty in Breastfeeding - Some women might face problems in breastfeeding after the surgery.

Other than these, there is a risk of bleeding, reaction to anesthesia, or infection. 

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Breast Lift - Frequently Asked Questions

Even though every surgery comes with its own risks, breast lift surgery is usually a safe procedure. Some of the possible risks are mentioned above. One of the most common risks is temporary numbness in the breast.

There is no evidence to prove that pregnancy negatively affects the results of the surgery. However, breast lift surgery cannot resist the natural changes that occur during pregnancy. This includes breast enlargement and sagging.