Overview of Buttock Lift Treatment India

A buttock lift is a cosmetic surgery done to enhance the appearance of the buttocks. It can be done in combination with a tummy tuck surgery or as a part of the lower body lift surgery to contour the buttocks, groin, abdomen and thighs. If you also wish to add volume to the buttocks, buttock lift surgery is combined with buttock augmentation which involves the fat transfer or buttock implants. If you are looking for a buttock lift surgery, reach out to Ortil healthcare. We have tie-ups with some of the best plastic surgery hospitals in the top destinations for buttock lift across the globe.

Types of Buttock Lift Treatment India

Before the surgery - Pre Surgical preparations

01. Before scheduling the surgery, the plastic surgeon will most likely follow the given steps:

1.1 Take Medical History - Your doctor will ask you several questions regarding any past medical condition, treatment or surgery that you might have had in the past. Do not hide any information regarding your medical history. Also, inform your doctor about all the medications that you have been taking.

1.2. Physical Examination - Here the surgeon may need to analyze your buttocks, skin elasticity and the lower body. You may also need to get pictures clicked for a medical record.

1.3. Talking about your Expectations - You must tell your doctor why you wish to get the surgery and what do you expect from the results of the surgery. You must also calculate the risks-benefit ratio before moving ahead with the surgery.

02. After the date of the surgery is finalized, your doctor will give you certain instructions for making changes in your lifestyle. Some of these instructions are:

2.1. Avoid Smoking - Smoking causes obstruction in the healing process by affecting blood flow.

2.2. Stop taking Medications - You will need to stop taking medications like aspirin, any herbal supplements or anti-inflammatory drugs if you are taking.

2.3. Maintain a Balanced Weight - It is recommended to maintain a balanced weight for at least 6-8 months before the surgery for desired results.

2.4. Make arrangements for Post-Surgery Time - Arrange someone to bring along who can drive you back home and take care of you during the recovery period.

During the Surgery

A buttock lift surgery is mostly done as an outpatient procedure.

01. You will be administered local anesthesia with sedation medications or general anesthesia before the surgery.

02. A catheter is placed in the bladder to collect the urine if needed.

03. A breathing tube will be placed in the mouth to facilitate breathing.

04. Your legs will be placed in sequential compression boots to prevent clotting of blood during and after the surgery.

05. The plastic surgeon makes an incision across the lower back from one hip to another.

06. The excess skin on the buttocks beneath the incision line is pulled upwards.

07. Some of the skin and fat might also be removed if needed.

08. The incision is sutured back and dressing is done.

09. A butt lift procedure usually takes 2 to 5 hours to complete.

After the Surgery - Buttock Lift Recovery

01. After the surgery

1.1. The incision area is covered with a compression garment.

1.2. Surgical drains are placed near the incision to drain out any fluid or blood.

1.3. Soon after the surgery, the medical team will help you to walk to prevent clotting of blood.

1.4. You will be on antibiotics to prevent any infection and pain medications for pain relief.

02. Recovery at Home

2.1. You will continue to be on antibiotics and anti-coagulant medications for sometime after the surgery.

2.2. You will need to wear a supportive garment for the next few weeks to prevent fluid buildup and support the surgical area.

2.3. You will be advised to use silicone sheet or scar cream to take care of the scars.

2.4. Take extra caution while moving during first month after the surgery

2.5. Avoid physical strain to prevent opening of the incision.

2.6. You will have surgical drains left on the incision site for several weeks after the surgery which you need to empty regularly. Ask your doctor about how to take care of the drains.

Diagnosis of Buttock Lift Treatment India

When is buttock Lift Recommended?

People who have sagging buttocks and want to lift them are recommended to undergo buttock lift. Sagging of buttock skin can take place with increasing age, excessive exposure to sun, weight changes, or genetic reasons. If you notice sagging buttocks due to any of the following conditions, you may consider to have the surgery:

01. If you have lost significant weight

02. If you have loose and sagging skin

03. If you have excess skin that cause difficulty in movement

04. If you feel under-confident

Symptoms and Risk factors

When is Buttock Lift Not Recommended?

Not all are recommended to get a buttock lift. Some of the situations are:

01. People with chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, etc.

02. People who are planning to lose weight

03. People with body mass index more than 32

04. People who are chronic smokers

Buttock lift benefits are:

01. Buttocks look smoother and toned after the surgery

02. Long-lasting results

03. One can get rid of discomfort that occurs due to excess skin.

Buttock lift side effects are:

01. Recovery may take several months

02. To maintain the results, one needs to maintain a balanced weight

03. There may be loss of volume of the buttocks

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Buttock Lift - Frequently Asked Questions

The brazilian butt lift surgery involves fat transfer to add volume to the buttocks with the help of surgical excision of fat or liposuction from some other part of the body. On the other hand, buttock lift does not involve surgical excision and fat transfer but simply pulling up the skin to uplift it.