Overview of Penile Lengthening Treatment India

Penile lengthening is a surgical procedure in which the length of the penis increases. It may also involve an increase in the width of the penis. Penile lengthening procedures are usually performed when the size of the penis is very small from the birth time or when the penis is hidden under the skin from the thighs and abdomen. These conditions can be present at birth or can occur in the older age. People who have small penis have difficulty in urinating and sexual intercourse which affects their quality of life. There are also non-surgical methods for penile lengthening such as lotions, medicines, and devices. Some people also have mental disorders where they think that their penis is smaller than the normal size when the size of their penis is normal and able to perform the functions like sexual intercourse and urination. These people have the symptoms of anxiety and depression. For these people, the penile lengthening procedure has the advantage of increasing confidence and self-assurance. Penile lengthening procedures also have some risks and complications associated with it. These complications can affect the recovery time so they should be managed in time. Recovery time after penile lengthening surgery can vary for each individual and usually depends on the type of procedure.

Types of Penile Lengthening Treatment India

There are many types of treatments for penile lengthening such as:

  • Penile Lengthening Surgery
  • Penile Implants
  • Penis Extenders
  • Vacuum Erection Devices (VEDs)
  • Lifestyle Changes

Penile Lengthening Surgery

In penile lengthening surgery, the connective tissue that attaches the penis to the hip bone is removed partially. This may lead to some additional length especially when the penis is not erect. It has the disadvantage of no additional length in the erect position of the penis.

Penile Implants

A penile implant is a surgical procedure in which the device is implanted to treat conditions like erectile dysfunction and some other diseases. The device is placed inside the penis to allow the men to erect the penis during sexual intercourse.

Penis Extenders

These are devices that use force to gradually stretch the penis over time. They are typically worn for several hours a day over an extended period. Results can vary for each individual and patience is required for the best outcomes.

Vacuum Erection Devices (VEDs)

Vacuum erection devices are used to increase the length of the penis temporarily. Some people used these devices with the hope of permanent lengthening by regular use.

Lifestyle Changes

Some of the lifestyle changes can also help to increase the length of the penis. These may include:
Weight Loss: Excess abdominal fat can make the penis appear smaller. Exercise and diet can help in reducing weight which makes the appearance of the penis longer than before.
Pelvic Floor Exercises: pelvic floor muscles are the muscles in the groin. By the strengthening of these muscles, the blood flow increases in the penile area which improves the quality of erection during sexual intercourse.

Procedure of penile lengthening

The general overview of the surgical procedure of penile lengthening is described below:

Anesthesia: Surgical penile lengthening is typically performed under general anesthesia to avoid irritation and pain during the surgery.

Incisions: The surgeon will make incisions in the area where the connective tissues are attached from the penis to the hip bone. This allows for the release of these tissues which may provide some additional length to the penis.

Ligament Release: The suspensory ligament or connective tissue is cut, which may allow a portion of the penile shaft to be more visible outside the body that was previously hidden within the body.

Closure: The incisions are carefully closed with the help of sutures, and proper wound care instructions will be provided.

Post-operative care: some medications are used after the surgery to avoid complications and to promote the healing process.

Recovery: Recovery may vary from individual to individual. But generally, it takes 2-3 months for complete recovery of the patient.

Cost of Penile Lengthening Treatment in India

The cost of penile lengthening treatment in India ranges from 2200 USD to 7100 USD. The cost can vary according to the type of implantation device or the technique of a surgical procedure used in penile lengthening. The cost can also vary according to the complications of each patient and the number of visits and follow-ups after the treatment.

Treatment Costs in India Min in USD Max in USD
Penile Lengthening Surgery 2237 USD 2983 USD
Penile Prosthesis Implantation 5221 USD 6961 USD

Symptoms and Risk factors

Indications of penile lengthening

Some of the indications for penile lengthening treatment are as follows:

  • Micropenis or very small size penis
  • Self-doubts about having a small penis
  • Psychological distress related to penis size
  • The desire for increased self-confidence
  • The desire for improved sexual satisfaction
  • Failed response to other treatments for erectile dysfunction
  • Gender confirmation procedures
  • Previous surgery resulting in penile shortening
  • Cultural or societal pressures
  • Personal relationship-related reasons

Risk Factors of Penile Lengthening

Some of the risk factors of penile lengthening treatment are:

Surgical Risks

  • Infection at the surgical site during or after the completion of the procedure.
  • Bleeding can occur after the closure of the incision which may further require medical treatments.
  • Scarring of the wounds can occur if properly not healed.
  • Nerve damage can occur due to the irritation of nerves during surgery. This may present as abnormal sensation, pain, and weakness.
  • Pain or discomfort can occur throughout the healing process.
  • Some patients may experience complications related to anesthesia such as abnormal breathing and allergy.

Unsatisfactory Results

  • Unrealistic expectations lead to dissatisfaction of a patient after the surgery which can make a conflict.
  • Inadequate lengthening may lead to further mental illness like depression.
  • Some patients may experience an altered appearance of the penis than normal.

Functional Concerns

  • Sometimes penile lengthening procedures affect the functions of the penis like:
  • Impaired erectile function
  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining erections
  • Reduced penile sensitivity

Psychological Effects

  • The penile lengthening procedure affects the mental health of a patient.
  • Emotional distress or psychological dissatisfaction
  • Negative impact on body image
  • Decreased self-confidence

Complications with Non-Surgical Techniques

  • Irritation or discomfort from using extenders or devices
  • Skin irritation or injury from vacuum erection devices

Financial Costs

There can be a high cost of penile lengthening procedures and follow-up appointments after the surgical process.

Treatment Costs for Penile Lengthening

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