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We earned the reputation of being the most reowned and best medical tourism company.


Ortil Healthcare medical tourism company helps you to access the best and most affordable options for medical treatments across the globe. Backed by useful informational resources, it helps you to evaluate these global options. Find the right healthcare options for yourself and your family in the country of your choice..

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The medical tourism industry has been booming considerably for the last few years. The idea of medical tourism involves travelling to another country to get medical treatment. The reason is always to get better treatment at relatively affordable prices...

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Please get in touch with us, Our professional patient relations team will answer all your queries related to appointments, medical travel, local sight-seeing… Send us an email to or whatsapp - +971 52 155 5366 or give as a call to speak with an advisor +91 894 335 3391 / +9715 2155 5366.

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